DD 017: Before , During and After Advice for Divorce Newbies, Let Go of The Hope Sooner, Communication, Karma is a Bitch, Telephone Pole, Kids as Pawns and Fairness.

Welcome back Jeff and a newcomer Ed.  Man, we had a few takes to start to the point I finally left some of them in.  So, enjoy.  Their advice and history can hopefully help someone out there in the divorce realm. Jeff and Ed were a little hesitant, but after football, beer and pizza, I told them they owed me and ended up having a blast.  Their views on the beginnings, middle and post-divorce are all on point.  Learn, in advance, from our misgivings and flops.  Information is always priceless.  These two were instrumental in my stomach crunches during the show.  We will have them both back for more pizza, beer, football and podcasts.

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