Infused with technical difficulties and laughter (as usual), we actually got through all of our top 10 list. Get past the first 10 minutes of limited sound quality and a real live booper segment - then the knowledge dropping continues. Tales of heartbreak and anger, dating too soon, Jesus got Covid from the little Drummer Boy, ‘naw - you’re a dude’, guilting yourself, zero f#cks given, take peeks into the past, letting it go, a less chaotic life and levels of guilt play a part in this interesting podcast. Maybe something we discuss hits home for you. Let us know in the comments or drop us a line - we love to hear from you! Just remember, the Little Drummer Boy or the donkey DID NOT give Jesus COVID!

0:00 Introduction
0:55 #1 Telling your story too quick
3:40 #2 Not taking the time to forgive while being too immersed in the craziness and madness
6:30 #3 Not having an escape or financial plan when you leave
8:20 #4 Dating too quickly or too soon
14:15 #5 Being too cynical and closed off
16:40 #6 Using the kids as pawns
18:46 #7 Guilting yourself crazy
20:27 #8 Not letting go too long
23:50 #9 Not realizing you are in a better place
24:45 #10 Not embracing your life one step out of fear
27:00 #11 Thinking you are damaged goods
29:10 #12 Pushing your life aside and not experiencing your new life after divorce