Welcome to the first installment of four discussing the subject of the layers of divorce recovery. We feel that the first step of course is shock. Those of us who have gone through this - we know this is true. Sometimes it slaps you in the face like a Mac truck. We try our best to break down that first stage in order for others to recognize, accept it and go through it and start the healing process. Topics of 23 and ME, sweaty mustache, different levels and stages of shock, realistic expectations, the new lightning round, do men and women different in dealing with their shock and your family tree goes straight up. At first, I was going to apologize for the craziness at the start of the podcast, but that is how we roll - unapologetically. It definitely lends itself to the uniqueness of the show. Besides, it was so much fun! Enjoy!

Part 1 - the shock of it all
Part 2 - settling down and getting your footing
Part 3 - figuring out what comes next
Part 4 - coming to grips with it all and starting to heal

Intro and Outro Media: Waste Our Time/Jane & The Boy, Artlist.io

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