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Raisin Canes

Raising Canes is a podcast that dives into the art of child nurturing.  David and Guests discuss their efforts of past, present and future raising of their children.  In talking about the pitfalls and stumbling blocks of the task, you may gain some insight and/or knowledge on your particular or a friend’s current situation of getting kids on and along their rightful path.  They all know that kids were not delivered with a manual on how to raise them; even though that would be perfect.   But the fact of having a non perfect world, David and his guests realize that any insight they can provide will be a closer realization of  a virtual child manual.   With frank exploration of distinct children’s topics, they will eventually hit all facets of child rearing.  

Divorce Devil

A podcast of an exchange of ideas, experiences and/or opinions from people who have already walked the journey of divorce.  David, being divorced for 6 years,  and his Guests will debate the in’s and out’s of pre, during and post divorce.  Some guests will have been divorced for quite a while and others the pain is still fresh.  In taking a divorce recovery seminar and eventually becoming a facilitator during his journey, David saw all sorts of people in different stages of healing.  Listen to some of the discussions and see what may pertain to you, a loved one or a friend in their struggles.  Maybe they can provide a positive spin on a negative experience for you or someone you know.  Between David and his guests, they have seen and experienced some very interesting and eye-opening situations and events.  Listen up.

Changing Lanes Above the Neck

No rocket science here.  Just a couple of people discussing trending and non-trending topics between friends.  David and guests, some regulars, mull over topics that they deem important or not so important to them at the time.  We welcome emails from listeners to discuss other subjects they would like to hear us explore.  No advice,  just plain people engaging in plain talk. A win-win situation all the time.  Take a listen as the conversations may go from technical to simplistic or vise-versa in the blink of an eye.

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