The Divorce Devil Podcast

The Divorce Devil Podcast

IF THE WORD DIVORCE IS IN YOUR NORMAL VOCABULARY? - THEN THIS PODCAST IS FOR YOU. SPECIALIZING IN ONE OF THE MOST TABOO SUBJECTS IN NATURAL CONVERSATIONS, THIS IS A PODCAST ABOUT REAL PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT REAL DIVORCE!! If you need to make an informed decision about divorce.... then you need some type of direction. We do not advocate being professionals but our various life experiences do count for something. Divorce Devil Podcast is a podcast of an exchange of ideas, experiences, and/or opinions from people who have already walked the journey of divorce. David, being divorced for over 10 years and Rachel being divorced for a few, bring their real-life ying/yang experiences to the show while they debate the in’s and out’s of pre, during, and post-divorce.

If you need a little bit of joy with your pain, then laugh with us as we explain our journeys and takeaways. Being not your typical divorce podcast - we get into some pretty wild and crazy subjects!

We also will have guests occasionally who have been divorced for quite a while and for others the pain is still fresh. In taking a divorce recovery seminar and eventually becoming a facilitator during his journey, David saw all sorts of people in different stages of healing. Rachel brings her unique Generation X and New Jersey style, swagger and real-world expertise to the podcast.

Listen to some of the discussions and see what may pertain to you, a loved one, or a friend in their struggles. Maybe we can provide a positive spin on a negative experience for you or someone you know. Between Rachel, David, and their guests, they have seen and experienced almost every, some very interesting and eye-opening situations and events. Listen up!

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Divorce Devil 087: “I just signed the divorce papers and I’m legally divorced! Now what?” - Stage One of our 4 Stages of Post-Divorce.

Aug. 12, 2022

Welcome to the first of four installments of divorce recovery stage healing. We discuss our first stage, appropriately named Stage One - it consists of the exact moment you sign your divorce decree papers and a few days lat…

Divorce Divorce Recovery Dispute Resolution A. J. Grossman, J.D. Leap Frog Divorce Divorce Lawyer Compassionate Lawyer

The most compassionate lawyer we have ever met - A.J. Grossman, The Compassionate Lawyer, Divorce Devil Podcast 086.

Aug. 5, 2022

Welcome A.J. Grossman, J.D. to the mic. A.J. runs an online presence called Leap Frog Divorce. It’s quite a different law firm/enterprise. They specialize in divorce dispute resolution. They also focus on the compassiona…

Healing Divorce Divorce Recovery Co-Parenting Children Forgiveness

Top 10 traits and/or qualities not to carry over from your divorce to new friendships or relationships.

July 29, 2022

This is one of those rare times we actually stuck to the script and item numbers. Carrying over traits and/or qualities from pre-divorce to post-divorce can be detrimental. We are listing some and giving you a heads up for…

Divorce Devil Podcast 084: The illusive post-divorce happy - what it is?

July 22, 2022

Just when I thought we couldn’t do a podcast with more laughter than the Divorce and Laughter Podcast 074, we did it with this one. With a new mixer with some pretty awesome effects, it definitely gets a test. Discussing y…

Divore Devil Podcast 083: Our top 5 positive events and/or lessons that can happen after a divorce.

July 14, 2022

As usual, we don’t stick to the actual number in the title. We just get so carried away. We decided to infuse a little positivity into the podcast today. These are the 5 positive events/lessons we have experienced in our …

Divorce Devil Podcast 082: Our top 5 Roller Coaster events during divorce recovery.

July 8, 2022

Join us as we dive into our top 5 (and more) roller coaster events during our divorce recoveries. Ranging from subjects of friends to missing your ex, we glide along the ups and downs of each of our struggles after our divo…

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Anger is a prime result of a divorce.  The feeling of being wronged and going through emotional hell can be at the forefront of your everyday life…