Dec. 16, 2022

‘The Sh!t No One Tells You About Divorce’ by Dawn Dais - Divorce Devil Podcast #105

‘The Sh!t No One Tells You About Divorce’ by Dawn Dais - Divorce Devil Podcast #105
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Welcome to the mic Dawn Dais, her new book (coming out next month) deals with her personal struggles, wins, and failures throughout her divorce journey.  She has written a few other books dealing with the shit no one tells you.  (Her website is below) 

We were excited to get Dawn on the podcast due to the fact we are all and have been on some of the same journeys. Our discussions of:

  • The importance of journaling
  • The importance of having a village or squad
  • How to avoid becoming a Disneyland Parent
  • Fuck you, you fucking fuck chapters
  • Lean into the rage
  • I don’t have a can opener
  • Kids, when are you leaving?
  • Need a warm body, put a sweater on
  • The dating apps cluster
  • Don’t marry the first person you date
  • Once it’s on paper, it is no longer in my soul
  • Zoom and drinking
  • Chapters of just rage
  • Everything is going to be fine
  • Filling newfound silences

Dawn seems to take the craziness and devastation of divorce and humanizes it into her book form.  We suggest getting it, if you need it, when it comes out.  Enjoy.

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