Welcome A.J. Grossman, J.D. to the mic. A.J. runs an online presence called Leap Frog Divorce. It’s quite a different law firm/enterprise. They specialize in divorce dispute resolution. They also focus on the compassionate component of divorce - unlike almost all the other divorce lawyers I’ve met and heard about. At the end of the podcast, we did call him the Compassionate Lawyer. Take a listen to this show and you eventually will too. Concepts and issues of complaining about weekend law, hope for the future, domestic goddess, being a counselor, volleying blame back and forth, the BIFF communication theory, people want to be validated, narcissism, boxers or briefs, and the Partridge Family are all a part of this podcast. We were more than pleasantly surprised to have a guest on the show. Thinking that the show would be a bunch of lawyer-ese, it turned out way different than we expected. Sit back and be surprised with us. Thanks A.J.! (We were remiss for not asking what A.J. stood for! LOL)

Below is A.J.’s YouTube channel - totally worth watching if you are going to pull the divorce trigger or are in the middle of a divorce. Check it out! Also listed below is his Leap Frog Divorce website. Both have a ton of divorce information for anyone that needs it.

A.J.’s YouTube Channel

Leap Frog Divorce