How do you get over the guilt and failure feelings after divorce? As usual, it does get a little crazy towards the end of the podcast with talks of Dave Chappelle and Debbie Gibson. But other than that, we have some pretty good tips and tricks on getting over the feelings of guilt and failure after divorce. Discussions of parking spaces, giving no fucks, the rabbit hole, knowing who to tow, guilt happens, getting professional help, and all bitches are not female all contribute to the methodology. It was fun as usual and we both realize for such a sensitive subject, laughter is still a necessary part of the healing process too. So, sometimes laughing at yourself is paramount. Enjoy.

Thanks for checking out the podcasts! If you know anyone going through any divorce emotional struggles, please forward this podcast to them. How do you eat an elephant - one bite at a time. We like to help at least one person at a time!