Divorce Devil Podcast 079: Top 10 ways to live in the same house, not divorced yet and you’re both in relationships. Interesting??? Welcome, Melissa to the podcast. Her unique situation of eventually getting divorced, living in the same house with the future ex and kids, and both her and her soon-to-be-ex in relationships - was hard to swallow at first. But, the life lessons and knowledge she drops on us really makes it all seem plausible. We started with the top ten ways to make it work but ended up with fifteen. What is more interesting is that all of her points can be applied to all three phases of divorce - the pre, during, and post phases. Topics of spewing pain and trauma, mason jars on the shelf, baseball should be fun, the Rage Room, swallowing vomit, random dance parties, chewing food loudly, Fruity Pebbles, Kyle Gray and Cutting Cords, Oh Mickey You’re So Fine, finding a unicorn, I'm sorry has nothing to do with forgiveness, compassion sits in a parallel lane with forgiveness, and the house is sacred are only a few pearls discussed during the show. Melissa must come back! Thanks, Rachel. Enjoy! Kyle Gray links below....

0:00 - Introduction
1:50 - #1 The house is a sacred space for the kids
2:55 - #2 We all have a record
6:20 - #3 Realize your pain and trauma
9:15 - #4 Take the divorce energy out of the house
13:04 - #5 Everybody brings us something to learn
22:35 - #6 Your can’t be completed by someone else
23:10 - #7 You must unconditionally love yourself first
29:10 - #8 Kyle Gray - Cord Cutting
32:05 - #9 PEW - Purge Emotional Writing
39:25 - #10 Don’t carry other people’s emotions
46:50 - #11 Forgiveness 101
49:28 - #12 Lead Coat Analogy
49:49 - #13 Mason Jars on the shelf
54:28 - #14 The ‘C’ word - compassion
56:20 - #15 Either not my sh*t not my show or not my monkey not my circus

Kyle Gray Cutting Cords #1
Kyle Gray Cutting Cords #2022