Join us as we dive into our top 5 (and more) roller coaster events during our divorce recoveries. Ranging from subjects of friends to missing your ex, we glide along the ups and downs of each of our struggles after our divorces. Topics of being blindsided, living like the Jones, Dr. Doolittle, actively listening, owning your own sh*t, poking the bear, logistics, and learning to be kind are broached during this podcast. We have a special ending discussing our respective Divorce Facebook Groups. That was quite interesting! Maybe by listening to this episode, people may tend to lessen the loops in their roller coaster. Just sayin’!

0:00 Intro and super cool music
1:58 #1 Financial
7:02 #2 Missing and not missing your ex
10:03 #3 Friends
13:40 #4 Glad and not so glad I’m divorced
16:35 #5 Parenting different
18:15 Logistics
20:58 #6 Connection and Disconnection
22:15 School supplies and lady lumps!
23:19 Closure - our respective Facebook groups