As usual, we don’t stick to the actual number in the title. We just get so carried away. We decided to infuse a little positivity into the podcast today. These are our 5 positive events/lessons we have experienced in our post-divorce life. You can experience these too. Topics of no f^cks crown, going to the movies by yourself, the deafening silence, narcissism, 10-pack of Twinkies, fake it to you make it, the red wire, sexual healing, and it takes two all are covered in this episode. As you can see, divorce can be a positive event in your life when you look at it differently. Enjoy.

0:00 Introduction
1:04 #1 Getting your power back
6:08 #2 Learning how to be alone again
10:25 #3 Learning that toxic relationships come in many forms
14:27 #4 Having a better relationship with my kids
17:52 #5 Happiness is worth the effort
19:48 #6 Learning to love again
20:38 #7 Realizing and enjoying your new happy
21:52 #8 Laughing
35:10 If you can work it out, then by all means, DO IT!