Just a slight departure from our 4 part series, 'I signed the divorce papers, what's next?' Welcome, Tracy Ann Moore-Grant from the Amicable Divorce Network. Frustrated by mean and nasty divorces, Tracy started the network to help both attorneys and clients. Attorneys are vetted and accepted into the network to practice amicable divorcing. Clients can be referred to attorneys or professionals in their home state or browse the client website for additional resources and/or a cheat sheet for you to ask questions of any attorney you might hire. Except for some technical sound difficulties, it was a very informative podcast. Topics of keeping the heart in the heart locker, mediation is good too, divorce guide for dummies, and no harm starting an amicable divorce jump out at you during the show. Our favorite pearls we received from Tracy - pick your battle and your lawyer in terms of what you would want your emotional health to look like when it is all said and done. Very important. Listed below is most of the Amicable Divorce Network's online presence. Check them out if you are going to start or are in the middle of a divorce. Thanks.

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