Part 1 - the shock of it all
Part 2 - settling down and getting your footing
Part 3 - figuring out what comes next
Part 4 - coming to grips with it all and starting to heal

Part 2, hmmm? Now you realize that the sh!t is real and in your face… time to settle down and get busy getting yourself together. It’s time to figure out what f^cks matter. Stop recycling the things that didn’t work. Take note of what works and what does not. Once again, after some fun, we dive deep into part 2 with topics like:
-I wanna get married at Lexus
-Leaning into your pain to get a footing
-Just Jerry’s wife
-Just like you can fall in love, you can fall out of love
-Take care of yourself first
-Get some type of plan and write it down
-Making little bits of progress
-I know CPR
-Once you have a man with a minivan, you never go back
-Tally of f^cks
-How to last 4 hours in bed

This is our favorite part of the four parts so far. Rachel is a huge fan of journaling and I agree with her wholeheartedly. We hope you enjoy the podcast and maybe you can forward this to someone who may need to hear it. Enjoy.

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