With a lot of effort and misdirection in between, we finally get to the fourth and final stage of ‘I just signed the divorce papers and I’m legally divorced! Now what?’ This episode has a lot of our heart and soul in it. Topics of:
-To infinity and beyond
-We ain’t judging
-Changing into a different person
-Set boundaries
-Your dating picker sucked
-Heal in yourself and know who you are
-Squirrels or Us
-Stepping out of your comfort zone and find out who you are
-Lanes crossover
-Divorce Zombies
-Slow motion time
-A caveman in Baskin and Robins
-Being less angry

We thoroughly enjoy this four part series and plan to do some other discussions in that manner. We realize that healing is different for different people but showing our soft underbelly can and hopefully does show others that healing after divorce is possible and sometime actually fun. Enjoy.

David and Rachel’s Custom Post-Divorce Stages:
Stage One: From the moment you sign the divorce decree papers until a week later.
Stage Two: One week to 6 months
Stage Three: 6 months to a year
Stage Four: A year and beyond (forever)