Welcome to the first of four installments of divorce recovery stage healing. We discuss our first stage, appropriately named Stage One - it consists of the exact moment you sign your divorce decree papers and a few days later. It is the most intense of the four stages. Once again, Rachel made the podcast very interesting and fun by actually doing some homework. Mentions of Divorce Squid Games, 9 sub-stages of divorce, divorce parties, episode #047, levels of karma, devastation become an inconvenience, Whack A Mole, only visit some of the stages of divorce, revenge, and hoe phase are in this show. We do admit some of the things we did to start to heal in Stage One were not some of our best choices and advocate for most of our viewers/listeners to avoid some of them. But, that is why we podcast, to present people facts, lead them on a journey and let them decide for themselves the actual path they want to take. Get your control back! Take a listen.

David and Rachel’s Custom Post-Divorce Stages…
Stage One: From the moment you sign the divorce decree papers until a week later.
Stage Two: One week to 6 months
Stage Three: 6 months to a year
Stage Four: A year and beyond (forever)