This is the second podcast in the series dealing with effects, consequences and happenings in the second stage of four dealing with divorce-recovery after signing the papers. Even though we feel it is not as intense a stage at stage one, it is nonetheless a very important one to focus on. With better thinking, more logical decision making, and being more intentional in stage two - it can be the first sign of some healing. Discussions of anticipation, holidays are different, divorce is a scab, who pulls the trigger, sadness, forgiveness, Tone Woke, and Rachel is a pretty happy MF, along with much more, in this episode.

David and Rachel’s Custom Post-Divorce Stages:
Stage One: From the moment you sign the divorce decree papers until a week later.
Stage Two: One week to 6 months
Stage Three: 6 months to a year
Stage Four: A year and beyond (forever)