After watching How to Build a Sex Room (HTBASR) on Netflix a few weeks ago both of us decided that it would be awesome if Lisa Lane from episode 8 would be on the show. It was just a far-reaching thought at the time. Sitting at home weeks ago bored, I decided to look up her Instagram and send her a message - who we were, our podcast, and a sample of our show. To my surprise, she responded within minutes. She graciously took the time to be on the show and here it is!

Our three-way discussion on the laughter and funny in pre, during and post-divorce was our main topic after getting some HTBASR facts out of the way (which were very interesting hearing behind the scenes). It’s a long podcast filled with pearls, tips, and tricks on healing from divorce. Listing a few subjects:

-If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry
-My ex sent me a joke
-Absolute ability to communicate
-The amazing third chapter
-Real d!ck
-The nanny mixed with Mary Poppins
-Learn your value
-You decide what truly makes you happy
-Load the dishwasher how the f*ck I want
-There is hope, find your niche to heal
-So much power in not engaging
-Bitch, you're all over TikToc
-Going Zen
-Standup comedy was my boyfriend

That list only scratches the surface of the show. Getting divorced right before the -pandemic, Lisa was able to hone her standup craft immediately after. Which definitely played a part in her healing she says. We feel the world has the Dos Equis Guy and we have Lisa Lane. Take a listen and see what may apply to your journey. Like always, if we can help only one person with our podcast, then it is totally worth it. Thanks to Lisa for taking the time out of her schedule to hang with us. Enjoy.

Check out Lisa’s internet presence below…


0:00 Intro
1:10 Sacred Rooms
2:54 Taught catholic high school
3:23 Bitch, you’re all over TikTok
4:46 Empowering the younger generations with the show
7:38 Getting wood on the wooden coffee table
10:50 Years of liberation
13:56 Misophonia
17:19 D!ck in the parking lot
22:27 Standup comedy became my boyfriend
36:07 New anger
37:08 Don’t f^ck with my kids!
37:27 Stop responding and go Zen
42:56 Finding a clit with either or both hands
44:30 The amazing third chapter
47:41 Load the dishwasher however the f^ck I wanted
53:45 Chicken with osteoporosis and gout
56:55 Learn what you value
1:01:57 The female Lance
1:03:16 You don’t know what in on the other side for you
1:04:34 Limo budget from the 80’s