What can we say? The Zombie Hoe Phase. Pretty self-explanatory? We debated on this subject to the fact that was it even a phase. But, yes, it damn is!! Not everyone goes through it. But most people do go through the Zombie Phase. The Hoe part is sometimes just extra. Subjects of:
-You don’t know you are in it until you go through it
-You start to look like a zombie
-Divorce is a virus
-Digging out of the grave of divorce
-All the zombies in Thriller were going through a divorce
-Men’s emotions are in their socks
-Why is everybody an a$$hole?
-Don’t stay too long in the zombie phase
-The id and the ego
-Dating in the zombie phase is like buying a car
-We are not in the business of breaking up marriages - work it out if you can
-Rachel can drive a stick

It was a very informative podcast. As usual, it gets a little crazy in the middle, but worth listening to as always. Enjoy.